6 Contemporary Era

Unit 6: Accelerating Global Changes and Realignments – c. 1900 thru PRESENT

*Contemporary Era Key Concept Packet*

Contemporary Era KC 1: Science and the Environment. Rapid advances in science and technology altered the understanding of the universe and the natural world and led to advances in communication, transportation, industry, agriculture, and medicine.


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Contemporary Era KC 2: Global Conflicts and Their Consequences.  Peoples and states around the world challenged the existing political and social order in varying ways, leading to unprecedented worldwide conflicts.

  • Map: Imperialism and migration during the 19th and early 20th centuries – Bentley pg. 933
  • Map: Imperialism in Africa c. 1914 –  pg. 923
  • Map: Imperialism in Oceania, c. 1914 –  pg. 926

  • Map: Imperialism in Asia c. 1914 –  pg. 918
  • Map: Struggling to control China c. 1927 thru 1936 – pg. 1011
  • Map: The Russian empire from 1801 thru 1914 – Bentley pg. 888
  • Map: Territorial losses of the Ottoman Empire from 1800 to 1923 – pg. 882



  • Keep up with current events with strong contextualization of a critical geopolitical juncture:



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Contemporary Era KC 3: New Conceptualizations of Global Economy, Society, and Culture.  The role of the state in the domestic economy varied, and new institutions of global association emerged and continued to develop throughout the century.


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SAQ Prep for Unit 6: The Contemporary Era c. 1900-PRESENT

1) Many historians argue that the end of the Cold War (1989-1991) was a turning point in world history.  A) Provide TWO pieces of evidence that support this argument and explain how each piece supports the argument.  B) Provide ONE piece of evidence that undermines this argument and explain how it undermines the argument.

2) Explain FOUR causes of World War I. Justify which cause is the most important.

3) Examine ONE long term cause of the Great Depression. Examine ONE short-term cause of the Great Depression. Examine ONE effect of the Great Depression.

4) Analyze the main cause of World War II. Justify its importance within the context of the 21st century.

Additional Contemporary Topics:


  • For above: Map: The Arab-Israeli conflict c. 1949 thru 1982 – Bentley pg. 1105


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