Thursday & Friday! April 4-5


Students broke into groups of no larger than two people to decide which of the following Labor Disputes in the United States during the late 1800’s – early 1900’s they wish to tackle.  Students will use this here Labor Unionism Presentation Skeleton to organize their Work.

Students should be aware of the presentation requirements, outlined here with the Labor Unionism Presentation RUBRIC.


You and your partner will present on your choice of Labor Dispute upon our return from Spring Break.  It’s critical that you think about who is responsible for what slide/information so that you’re each clear on what you need to do.  Consult the RUBRIC.

At the beginning of class on Friday, students will  submit the following work in order:

  1. From Agriculture and Piecework to Industrialization.
  2. Where did people move to and from during the Industrial Revolution?
  3. How did daily life move before and during the Industrial Revolution?
  4. How were individual working people affected by the Industrial Revolution?
  5. How did the Industrial Revolution move society backward?
  6. How did the Industrial Revolution move society forward?
  7. Commanding Capital During the Industrial Revolution – The Great $ Trick
  8. Labor Unionism Lecture Notes.

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