Weeks of April 15-19 & 22-26

Now that we’ve wrapped up our labor unionism presentations, we’re finally able to address the essential question that’s been with us for the month:


Mr. Cameron handed out the RUBRIC we will use for this essay that we’ll begin right after the presentations are complete, and ensured that students are on the right path to developing a strong essay. All of our essays will be accessible on this here Google Doc: “Where Does the Weekend Come From – Student Essay Groups”.

*This partner essay is DUE Tuesday, April 30* – 1st Period

*This partner essay is DUE Monday, May 6* – 4th Period

Noting the emphasis on incorporating EVIDENCE into your essays, don’t be shy in addressing the information found in the Labor Unionism Student Presentations, or the work you’ve completed on the Industrial Revolution:

  1. From Agriculture and Piecework to Industrialization.
    • Textbook Pages 283 – 286.
  2. Where did people move to and from during the Industrial Revolution?
  3. How did daily life move before and during the Industrial Revolution?
  4. How were individual working people affected by the Industrial Revolution?
  5. How did the Industrial Revolution move society backward?
  6. How did the Industrial Revolution move society forward?
  7. Commanding Capital During the Industrial Revolution
  8. Labor Unionism Lecture Notes.  And here’s the LECTURE.
  9. DBQ on Labor Unionism (not applicable in 2019)

Noting the struggles to reorganize wealth during the industrial revolution, we’ll spend some time during the CAASPP testing week to work through Differentiating Socioeconomic Systems, (using the Lecture on Capitalism, Socialism & Communism.)

The final source we’ll use to substantiate our writing is titled “State of the Unions” by Caleb Crain of the New Yorker Magazine from August of 2019.