Monday & Tuesday, May 6-7

Monday: SDA Councilor Presentation: Careers and Your Future.

Now that we’ve wrapped up our unit on industrialization, it’s time we transition into a unit that is inexorably linked to industrialization – IMPERIALISM.  As western countries are amassing greater militaries through industrial production and amassing greater wealth through the capitalist entrepreneurship, they will begin to exert their influences abroad.  We will begin to take a look at how western nations (here, Great Britain and the U.S.) laid claims in China.  We will begin with some secondary source questions (textbook pgs 370-375), and then analyze one political cartoon from the era:

Source: American political cartoonist William Allen Rogers: “The Boxers,” Harpers Weekly, June 9, 1900.  The caption reads, “Uncle Sam (to the obstreperous Boxer), ‘I occasionally do a little boxing myself'”

Political Cartoon Questions:

  • WHAT does this political cartoon tell you about Western perceptions of the Chinese in 1900?
  • Broadly, WHO created this political cartoon, and WHY might this artist choose to depict the conflict between the United States and the Boxer Rebels in China in the fashion he did?

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