Wednesday, May 8

Now that we’ve laid the foundation for how western imperial powers imposed their will on non-industrialized countries (specifically, the U.S. and Great Britain in China), it’s time to think about some more specific questions related to our case study on the BOXER REBELLION.  Aside from the secondary source chart, below, we have two primary source documents guiding our inquiry:


Students will use this here Boxer Rebellion sheet to organize their ideas regarding the readings and associated questions.  On the backside of this worksheet, students will respond to the following question related to the political cartoon, above:

  1. Identify the PERSPECTIVE of this political cartoon. Explain the artistic methods by which the cartoonist is able to convey their perspective. Consider whether this cartoon shares the perspective of Jung Lu or Katherine Lowry.
  2. Considering the complex nature of this rebellion against foreign influence and the general oversimplification of the rebellion in the political cartoon, WHAT does this political cartoon NOT account for that was a likely cause of the Boxer Rebellion? WHY would the cartoonist leave this information out when creating this cartoon?

!The Opium War!


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