Monday, May 20

After students submit their “African Responses to the European Scramble for Africa” essays, we’ll transition from imperial ambitions to how these ambitions will cause global conflict with an introduction to the 4 MAIN causes of WWI; students will use this here lecture guide: Tensions and Conflicts Leading to WWI to organize their ideas.

Mr. Cameron will introduce the topic of ALLIANCES, and what will lead to the military alliances of WWI.  Let’s consider this map of Europe in 1900 to inform how a variety of European states would ally themselves.  Before the lecture, students will complete Languages Fuel Nationalism.

Europe in 1900

Now that these alliances are entrenched, and each country is ready to back up his ally with industrial military might. What might be the SPARK to ignite this powder keg? Let’s check out this perspective.

Watch the follow up Crash Course videos on WWI!  Let’s focus on the months of June and July of 1914.  Broadly, let’s focus on the some causes leading to the SPARK of WWI.