May 29 thru June 7

Now that we’ve wrapped up our look at the causes and consequences of WWI, it’s time we began to think about the continuity of the historical narrative between WWI and WWII, a period known as the Age of Anxiety, and will prime us to answer our overarching essential question from the last two weeks:


Students will be introduced to a selection of 12 primary source documents in this Age of Anxiety DBQ.  Our focus early in the week will be on understanding the question we’re being asked in the DBQ, and how we might go about categorizing the documents into categories designated by the prompt.  Notice how we’re being asked to analyze the political, cultural, and economic conditions that culminated in the development of WWII.  How might we understand each document into either of these three categories? Let’s spend some time working to categorize the documents using this handy DBQ graphic organizer that will help students craft a strong THESIS STATEMENT and appropriate TOPIC SENTENCES to control the ideas of each body paragraph.  Let’s also consider appropriate use of documents with this here “Strengths and Weaknesses of DBQ Writing.”

One SECSE theme of the class not addressed in the 12 documents is how environmental factors could very well be contributing to this Age of Anxiety.  Watch this Ted-Ed video on How Pandemics Spread, paying particular attention to the Great Influenza sweeping across the globe at the end of WWI. Talk about anxiety-provoking!

Ultimately, students will be turned onto the DBQ RUBRIC that will be used to score their essays. Students are allowed to work in partners for the Age of Anxiety DBQ, which is DUE in final draft form on Monday, June 10.  Share your essays HERE.

Due at the end of class on Friday, May 31 (40 points total):

  1. International Reactions to the Treaty of Versailles
  2. American Perspectives on the League of Nations – “To Join or Not to Join?”
  3. Response sheet: An Inquiry Into the Outcomes of WWI
  4. lecture guide: Tensions and Conflicts Leading to WWI

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