Welcome back! After Mr. Cameron handed back the essay concerning the inevitability of WWII in the Age of Anxiety, it’s time to take what we know about the this tense inter-war period to transition into The Rise of Fascism in Europe.  Students will follow along the lecture with this here lecture guide. Students will then move onto completing Hitler’s Lightning War using pages 491-496 of their textbook.

To inquire into a variety of perspectives regarding Hilter’s Blitzkrieg and the decision of the United States to either engage in WWII or maintain neutrality, we’re spending some time analyzing some political cartoons with this here WWII Political Cartoon Analysis. Before we dig into the political cartoons, we need to spend a bit of time identifying some key historical developments.

Hitler’s Lightning War – Blitzkrieg!! So many historical references in pop culture …

… even Spongebob memes get in on the action! Note that Japan was the aggressor in Pearl Harbor – that’s not entirely clear in this meme, but it nonetheless emphasizes how the U.S. maintained neutrality in WWII until they were attacked.

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